Yoga Equipment of 2022 – A Yoga Guide

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Yoga has become more prevalent in recent years, so many yoga-related products are being marketed as ‘essential’ and ‘must have’ for your practice. Look around, and you will find mats, straps, and blocks of all qualities and prices, from your local supermarket to online stores. It’s easy to see how it may become overwhelming to sort through yoga equipment all the noise and find the props that will actually help you. This guide will show you how to choose essential and quality gear for well-rounded yoga practice while saving you time and money in the long run.

Best 7 Yoga Equipment – The Yoga Mats

No matter whether you are new to yoga or already an advanced practitioner, the right yoga equipment can make a huge difference in your practice. In the beginning, you should learn all the basic poses on a mat, as this keeps you grounded and a sure-footed while. Using either a block or a strap is optional, but it will help you improve. If you’ve already been practicing yoga for a while, investing in the right props will allow you to take your practice even further and help you experience it in a whole new way.

  1. The Expert Favorite

“This mat is a bit pricey, but it has one of the best grips: even if your feet or hands are dripping in sweat, they won’t move,” says Agdal. “Even though it’s heavier than other options, it’s an excellent option for home workouts or for leaving at your favorite studio.” Sundt agrees. It’s really important to have a good grip, especially if you love hot yoga or get sweaty quickly. Having a slippery mat can seriously disrupt your yoga practice.”

  1. Guiding Lines

As Sundt describes the power of visuals, “the central line helps keep your body in alignment, and the lines across help ensure your hands and feet are positioned correctly.” If you train at home a lot, it’s crucial to have these lines since we can get out of alignment over time, and you may not have a teacher to adjust you.”

My recent purchase of this mat has been a pleasant surprise! “The price is great, and it has a good grip,” says Agdal. “I enjoy the body alignment system that keeps your form in check during yoga flows, but it also works well as a Pilates mat. It’s just the right thickness and not too thin.”

  1. Latex-Free

“I love that they’re focused on creating eco-friendly, non-toxic products,” says digitally native yoga instructor Sarah Beth of Yoga Design Lab’s silicone-free and latex-free products. Having suffered from Ulcerative Colitis most of her life, Beth taught millions of yogis how to relieve stress and anxiety. “I have used the Combo Mat by Yoga Design Lab on camera and for my practice for many, many years,” she says. My strength and mobility have improved by using my deep stabilizing muscles to hold myself in place, rather than relying solely on gripping and resting in my joints due to the luxurious microfiber finish.

  1. Sustainably Minded

Robyn Berkley, the founder of Live The Process, says she has been using JadeYoga mats for years. Before starting her editor-favorite activewear line, she completed her yoga certification in Bali 10 years ago. The brand with her mat design even endorses her. I like the fact that the company is eco-friendly and gives back to the earth with every product sold-and that my feet don’t move around or slip.”

According to Robyn Berkley, founder of Live The Process, she has used JadeYoga mats for years. Ten years ago, she completed her yoga certification in Bali before starting her editor-favorite activewear line. Her mat design is endorsed by the brand as well. The fact that the company is eco-friendly and gives back to the earth with each product they sell is a plus and the fact that my feet don’t slip around.”

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