Women’s Stitch Pajamas

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If you’re a big fan of Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, these Pyjama Stitch femme from the Little Sleepies line are perfect for you. The comfortable blue tee features an allover Stitch print with piped trim and the long lilac bottoms feature a Stitch toss pattern on the waistband.

Before shopping for pajamas, consider your climate and sleep style. Flannel, for instance, is the ideal material for cold sleepers and settings, while 100 percent cotton can be worn in warm weather.


Parachute is a device that can help slow the speed of a person’s fall from an airplane or other aircraft. It is made of a fabric canopy that extends out over the skydiver’s body and attaches to a harness that is worn by the skydiver.

To make the canopy, ripstop nylon is woven with a double or extra-thick thread at regular intervals to create a pattern of small squares. This structure helps prevent tears from spreading and makes the material strong, lightweight, and springy.

The pajamas in this collection from Parachute are a great example of how the brand’s philosophy of lightness and softness applies to loungewear. These pajamas are made from a lighter version of their best-selling Organic Cloud Cotton fabric, which is soft and breathable.

Girlfriend Collective

If you’re looking for a brand that makes eco-friendly and ethically produced clothes, look no further than Girlfriend Collective. This US-based activewear company produces size-inclusive leggings and sports bras, and uses recycled plastic in their fabrics.

It’s a win-win for both the planet and your wallet, as the sustainable material used in their garments can last much longer than traditional polyester. It also cuts down on energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

They offer a variety of different styles, including this luxe satin set made of a woven recycled polyester fabric. It’s a luxurious treat to wear, and it’s breathable enough to keep you cool while you’re lying down.


Madewell is an American heritage label known for a refined, directional approach to women’s closet staples. It offers an array of high-quality and reasonably priced dresses, blouses, jeans, pants, and lingerie that’s loved by a discerning clientele.

According to Stitch Fix Expert Stylist Lauren Nelson, the material you choose for pajamas depends on your sleep style and climate. If you sleep cold, you’ll want a pair of pajamas with flannel fabric to keep you warm.

For warmer sleepers, a lightweight cotton or linen set will be your best bet. You can also go for a modal or 100 percent cotton set, which can be laundered on delicate in like-color loads and tumble dried to preserve their quality.


Pact makes a range of organic cotton essentials for families and individuals, from pajamas to loungewear. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and a commitment to ethically produced clothes.

They have a large selection of pajamas for women, including a couple of great short sets that are perfect for cooler weather. They also have a few cozy long-sleeved sets that are ideal for winter.

These pajamas are made from 100 percent washable Mulberry silk that is AZO free and dyed with low-impact dyes. The material is also hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating to keep you cool in hot sleep conditions.

Another cool eco-friendly option is SIJO, which has a line of sustainable nightgowns, tees, tank tops, and shorts that are made out of cooling eucalyptus. The material is breathable and soft, and it gets softer with every wash.


Printfresh’s pajamas are made from GOTS organic cotton, which reduces environmental impacts and helps reduce textile waste. The company’s artisan partners use low impact dyes and recycle water during production.

They offer a variety of patterned short sets that are perfect for chilly winters or hot summers. They also sell separates for customizing your look.

Their cotton is softer with every wash, so you’ll love wearing them for years to come. They’re also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means they don’t contain any toxic chemicals or harmful fibers that can be dangerous to your health.

This set is also made from linen, which is a soft and lightweight fabric that’s great for cold sleepers and those who suffer from allergies. The top is loose and the pants are elastic waistband, so it’s easy to get a good fit.

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