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What is Pre Matrimonial Investigation?

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Written by anjumsaiffi

Marriage investigation is the process of investigating a person for marriage. As we all know that there are various matrimonial frauds ahs taken place. People are using various matrimonial sites to extort money from people by the name of marriage. In fact, meeting people online has become a trend nowadays. People like to meet and make friends online to get rid of their loneliness. But many people take advantage of this and encourage you, however, having a wrong intention in their mind. Therefore, the demand for marriage investigation or investigation before marriage ie pre matrimonial investigation has been increased. People are becoming more advanced and taking a step ahead of them. 

What is a Pre Matrimonial Investigation?

It is a process of investigation before marriage or pre matrimonial investigation to find out whether the person is genuine or not. In marriage investigation, you have to hire a that provides 24/7 surveillance on the subject a collect the entire required information of your likely spouse and in-laws as well. The information could be related to education, job profile, habits, character, behaviour, mental and health status of the person. You can also find out the relationship status of the person that could be past relationship or present relationship status. 

What is the Need for Investigation Before Marriage?

Marriage is the most important decision of life that should take after very much investigation. An investigation before marriage or pre matrimonial investigation will satisfy you about the person and your in-laws as well. It has been seen mostly in arranged marriages that people do hurry in doing marriages but later on, they regret. In fact, even, when people think of getting married then there is a fear that comes into our minds. In our society, there are more unsuccessful marriages that cause fear in our minds. We all start afraid to get married because there are very few people saying that they are happy with having their life partner like this or they are happy after getting married. Have you ever thought, why people think like that, said like that. 

All this happen because of a lack of investigation before marriage. They believe in what they have served at the time of marriage and did not look over it. This has become a reason for later regret to them. That is why experts also said that investigation before marriage is very much important whether you want to have a happy and healthy life. You should investigate a person priorly before getting married to them. This has given a confidence and made you prepare mentally for the person. 

How To Investigate a Person For Marriage

First of all, you need to be aware of what are your doubts and uncertainties about the person or in-laws. What are the questions that you want to get answered? When you contact a matrimonial detective agency, they perform various matrimonial investigation services to the likely spouse and in-laws as well. There are various factors that need to be covered to investigate a person for marriage. Avoid trusting anyone blindly without investigation.

  • Education or Job Profile
  • Family background
  • Family Status or Reputation
  • Habits, Character or Behaviour 
  • Friend Circle
  • Routine Activities

See, marriage is not a one-day procedure, it is a matter of life or the decision of life that should be taken as doing investigation before marriage. To save yourself from further regret and to have a partner who actually deserves you, you need to perform a pre matrimonial investigation. There is a  that allows you to perform a pre matrimonial investigation on the person. A Pre matrimonial investigation can also confirm the information provided by them and satisfy you to take the decision of your life. 

A matrimonial detective agency has a team of the matrimonial investigator that work professionally and provide 24/7 surveillance on the subject. In this interval of investigation, a matrimonial investigator stays updated with you and provide you with complete information after a thorough inspection. They are having advanced techniques and instruments that provide more specific and clear evidence. They also assure you in keeping your privacy wrapped and never let it reveal itself in front of the suspect or any other person. Therefore, take steps of investigation before marriage and save yourself from future regret.

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