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Creating healthy eating habits requires time and effective methods for you to be the most effective. LEEP.APP will introduce you to the way to create healthy eating habits in 3 steps for you to improve nutrition and better health.

Healthy eating is a topic of great interest at the moment when we start to invest more and more attention to nutrition and health.

There are many healthy eating tips you can find on the LEEP.APP blog and this article will help you turn them into real eating habits and maintain them for the long term.

Find out your current eating habits

Everyone has one or more eating habits, many of which include good and bad ones, so before you make a healthy eating routine, you need to know how you are eating.

Try keeping a diary of when you ate, how you felt, and what foods you have been consuming for several days. If you can, use it throughout the week to capture the difference between workdays and weekends.

Don’t forget to identify the following when you want to learn your own eating habits.

🔥Did you eat too fast?

Eating fast can save you time, but it doesn’t give your body and brain enough time to tell if you’re full or not. From there, you can eat more than necessary without realizing it, easy to overeat and bloating, indigestion.

Chewing well slowly is one of the ways to help you eat healthier. Try increasing the number of chews each time you eat a teaspoon of food, eg chew 20 times before swallowing. This will help you feel the taste while making it easier for your body to digest food and signal fullness more accurately. Especially foods like whole grains that need to be chewed well or else will affect digestion.

🔥Do you determine the correct serving size?

Sometimes, a full meal causes you to eat more, even when you’re not hungry. Especially for those who do not have the habit of quitting, even if it is because they do not want to waste, your body will still overeat food if you choose a portion larger than what it actually needs.

Therefore, choosing the right portion of food to help control the amount of food you eat and help you balance better nutrition is one of the most effective ways to create the healthiest eating habits.

Put the right portion of the dish on the plate, even if you use a large bowl or bowl, you should still prepare a little food to use, you can still eat more if you are really hungry.

🔥Do you skip meals

Not eating enough meals is a very unhealthy eating habit. Skipping meals can deprive you of the energy and nutrients of the day.

You are more likely to start eating more when hunger strikes, or even want to eat more unhealthy foods than you normally would. Therefore, having a daily menu, preparing food in advance, or setting a fixed mealtime will help you create healthy eating habits.

🔥Do you depend too much on one food

Whether it’s tea, coffee, or even healthy foods like yogurt, salad, and whole grains, eating too little or too much has some negative health effects, especially when you eat them alone. without changing other foods.

Regularly eating only one dish can make you fall into two cases, one is that you will immediately find those foods when it comes to meal, the other is that you may start to feel bored and not want to eat anymore. Eating only a few foods will be difficult to provide enough essential nutrients for the body.

For that reason, a diet with a variety of foods, such as carbs, proteins, and fats, with regular replacement of ingredients is the most ideal diet for the body.

🔥Do you eat when you are not hungry

Hunger is a sign your body tells you it’s time to refuel. As long as you set up a reasonable biological clock, your body will automatically remind you to eat. Therefore, you should not eat if you do not feel hungry.

Some reasons why you eat when you are not hungry:

  • See what you like
  • Want a snack while relaxing, watching TV, …
  • Want to eat more sugar or caffeine when stressed
  • Invited to eat with
  • Feeling bored, tired and thinking about food

If you need a lot of activity, adding more energy even when you’re not hungry is essential. But you need to have a reasonable diet and choose healthy snacks with a certain amount, such as fruit, yogurt, oats, … not what you want. limit.

🔥Do you have dessert after meals

After the main meal, you should let your body rest and promptly digest the foods you have eaten before. Do not eat other dishes, including fruit.

Regularly eating dessert sweets will leave you with more sugar than recommended, along with large amounts of unnecessary “empty” calories. You will restrict other foods when you consume too many of these calories and store them as fat.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended daily sugar level is 36g for men and 20g for women. You should not eat sweets after lunch and dinner and eat only at limited times when needed.

Choose healthier eating habits

After learning the eating habits you already have, begin to analyze which habits are good and need to be continued or which are bad and how to deal with them.

The best way is when you find signs of unhealthy times or foods that you normally eat a lot, start thinking about how to avoid the situation.

For example, on the way home there is a very delicious fast food restaurant and you can hardly control every time you see them, so try to choose a different route to go home without seeing that restaurant.

Preparing your own food will help ensure quality and nutrition

For those cases that can’t be avoided, you need to find healthier options for a more suitable alternative. For example, prepare healthy snacks and take them to work to enjoy in the middle of the afternoon without having to order foods that negatively affect your health.

Be mindful of portion sizes, the number of meals, and time of day, avoid unhealthy junk food, choose healthy foods, and avoid uncontrolled snacking.

Suggestions for a few alternatives to eating healthier:

  • Prepare healthy snacks and eat them only when you’re really hungry
  • Eat at least 3 different foods at each meal
  • Schedule meals and eat each meal for at least 20 minutes
  • Eat the right portions and stop eating when you feel full
  • Replace biscuits and pastries with fresh fruit
  • Drink water, fruit tea instead of soft drinks
  • Choose a variety of foods in each group to change frequently
  • Prioritize using natural plant products for processing, and limit the use of sugar, salt, and bad fats

Create healthy eating habits

Understanding why you should change your eating habits in one direction or the other and how they affect your health will help you become more determined to be effective and make healthy eating habits more effective.

If you feel discouraged or want to stop the process, rethink why you want to start eating healthy and how much better results you will get if done successfully.

It is common for many people to think that doing one repetition for at least 13 days can make the activity a habit. This does not apply to everyone, but if you have the determination to do it every day, it will become an inevitable part of your life.

Create healthy eating habits with the tracking sheet

If you are new to it, try to choose healthy 1-week menus, including meals and snacks that you feel are right for you, then sticking to that diet that will help you take control. things more easily.

You can invite friends and family members to work with you to motivate and help each other manage your diet effectively.

In addition, habit-forming apps can also help you, for example, you set a goal of drinking 4 glasses of water a day at certain times, the app will help you remind at the right time each day and recommend. Encourage you to stick to your goals, thereby creating long-term healthy eating habits.

Getting to know yourself is the first step to achieving the best results in creating healthy eating habits. Try to identify good habits that you can use and set daily goals to make them a real habit.

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