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The Ultimate List of 15 Things to Leave Behind in the Old Year – towards a Better New Year!

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Every new year is the start of a fresh chapter in the whole world’s life. When the clock strikes 11:59 in the evening of every year’s December 31st, it absolutely is an extravagantly cheerful countdown that unites all nations!

As it is a new year, everyone always wants to be a new version of himself or herself. You buy a planner to set your new year organized, and you make resolutions to hopefully fulfill in the next season of life. It’s definitely a brand new slate you’d want to begin right.

If you want to start the new year feeling good and living good, you should end the old year good. Makes perfect sense! On the first day of January, it’s best when it’s not just the year that changes but also yourself, for the better. 

Now, here’s an amazing piece for you to read! And it’d be a little sweeter if you share it with people you love, so they can end the old year right too! 2020 is the year this is being written, but whatever year it may be that you’re reading this now, it’s still perfectly timely!

Here is the ultimate list of 15 things to leave behind in the old year – towards a better new year!



People have different regrets, especially when they are the ones who caused messes in their own lives. 

Your friends left you for being a terrible friend to them. You’re lacking financial sustenance because when you were abundant, you spent wastefully. You’re feeling constantly ill because you don’t take good care of your health. You hurt the people you love because of the words you rashly said. You’re not happy now because you did not take up the college program you wanted. You’re unsuccessful today for following someone’s else’s path. These are just some of the countless regrets that some people carry everyday. The list won’t end.

When you regret a certain thing or decision you did in the past, and it has become an attachment that makes you unceasingly frustrated, the regret becomes endless – a daily burden. It affects you and disables you to move on and do something to make it up to the things you did which you’re now regretting.

The regrets that won’t make you forget, thus, won’t make you start anew, leave them behind in the old year. But don’t forget to do something first to mend things which can still be mended before you completely leave them, so you won’t leave a wound on anybody’s life. For your own peace and freedom too, do that.



Time is gold. It has always been. 

There’s no more time for procrastination. These days, time is flying fast without you even noticing it. Stop being lazy and negligent over the tasks you have to do. 

Productivity is precious, and procrastination is its huge enemy which you have to leave behind. You’ve probably had so much time spent on procrastinating in the old year, so better catch up with productivity in the incoming year!



When you ask someone a question, and they feel timid to answer, it’s understandable because naturally shy people exist on Earth. Sometimes, even those who are not usually shy may have introverted moments too. 

What’s not right though is being excessively shy even in the littlest of things at all times. 

Learn to initiate conversations, to speak in front of a crowd, to show your face, to ask questions, to say what you want to say. Leave behind your overloaded shyness, and start the new year confidently! Being always bashful won’t take you to places. There is no growth in the comfort zone. 



Nobody wants to be with someone with bad attitudes unless he himself or she herself has bad attitudes too. 

Being courteous, kind, understanding and polite is a sought-after quality. It helps build good and lasting impressions. Leave your bad words, actions and manners behind. Re-introduce yourself as a wholesomely changed person. 



There has to be balance in everything. Video game addicts somehow forget that. 

Leave behind your obsession in playing video games that eat up most time in your daily life. Also, draw away from the rude words you have gotten from other fellow gamers who have influenced you. 



Vices which are not only unsanitary but also dangerous to human life must be set aside.

Some people only drink alcoholic beverages occasionally, but some put the bottoms up daily like they’re drinking water. If you’re the latter, control and moderate your drinking if you want to see more new years to come. Better, desert it. 

Quit smoking. Regardless if it’s tobacco or eliquid, give it up. Cigarette smoking won’t just punch a hole in your pockets but also kill you. You know it, so if you’re someone who smokes, quit it. It won’t be easy, but do it.



When you are given assignments to accomplish, you must do your very best to bring them to completion! Forsake irresponsibility. Get more to-do lists and designated tasks done in the new year!



You shouldn’t be horribly hating reunions even when you’re not personally close with some of your relatives. You should consider attending batch reunions, too, even if you’ve forgotten many of your schoolmates’ names. 

Reunions and gatherings among families and among friends are rare opportunities to connect and catch up with people who are (or who were once) part of your life. Life is short. Meet them again when possible. 



You deserve to be loved, appreciated and cared for. When you keep on fixing relationships that keep falling apart because of other parties involved being gravely toxic, you can stop being a martyr – for yourself, you can.

Free yourself from toxic relationships with people who bring you heartache and headache. Remember, it’s not just the heart to protect but the head too. When you are heavily mentally drained, choked or abused, it’s not a relationship to still keep for the beautiful new year.



Grudges and hatred towards people who hurt and did you wrong in the past will just imprison you for so long while those people just forgot what they did. Don’t allow that they’re the only ones who have moved on. Forgiving people even when they don’t even ask for forgiveness is your gift to yourself for the new year.



Stop chasing other people’s dreams. Halt looking at yourself with pitiful eyes in the mirror, wishing you were in someone else’s fortune. Walk on your own path with hope and striving! 

Put those insecurities behind in the old year. You’re meant for something great and something your own! And you can succeed and become even uniquely better!



Shed the selfish skin away. Be more caring and loving to other people in the new year. Learn to think of others’ sakes aside from yours. Give gifts and receive presents with gratefulness.

As long as you’re alive, you can share a piece of your life for others’ good too.



Move. Get up. Dance. Play sports. Jump on the midnight of January 31. Put away physical inactivity for a more healthful year to come!



Being unproductive is not good, but being overly workaholic is not any better than that. Don’t hesitate to take long breaks from work. Schedule leisure vacations. Log out of your work emails. Enjoy your leaves from work. 

This new year, have a gleeful work-life balance. 



The world is too noisy and chaotic. Not to mention, individual lives are the same. You have a purpose in life. You may try searching in every nook and cranny of what this world has to offer, but there’s nothing like the truth of God Jesus. It’s where peace, joy, hope and love are perfectly matchless. 

Leave behind spiritual stagnancy! In the new year, strive for a deepening and thriving relationship with your Creator. Take time alone with Him. Read His words. Live with them. Serve Him. Nothing else genuinely matters apart from the One who authors every year of your life. 



Unlike your typical new year’s resolutions which you easily forget, aim to leave things behind in the old year – things that will just be a stumbling block again in the coming year! 

No one is perfect but the Lord. Doing these might be challenging for somebody imperfect, but keep in mind, they are attainable, and you can succeed. 

Say hello to the new year with a great smile, but first, properly say bye to the old year that’s been quite a while!


About the author: Nicole Ann Pore is a dedicated writer who values high-quality research before weaving words into high-quality content. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila

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