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layering clothes
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Winter has already arrived and it’s time to layer your clothes with your favourite ones. You can easily do layering, but the tricky part is to look good when you layer your clothes. You are out of this box when we talk about this in summers because in that season a t-shirt and shorts are all you need. Once we enter into the winter weather, it raises a conflict between how to look sexy even with more clothes on. If you do not want to compromise with any of this, then this article is for you.

In this article, we are going to provide you with an essential guide to layering your clothes and how to keep you warm in winters. They will still keep you cosy with a sexy look. So, let’s start with the need for layering.

The Need for Layering

Layering is essential to keep you warm as well as cosy. In the winter season, you cannot survive without layers easily. It is one of the most convenient ways to stay warm during colder months. You can easily shed your outer clothes when you are inside and easily keep them on when you are outside.

Also, if layering is done properly, it gives you a possibility to wear all your favourite clothes in one go. It gives you that sexiness which is usually missing in winters. You never compromise good looks with cold and thus that’s the reason layering is important. These layered clothes give you a chance to increase your wardrobe and also adds bulk and weight to your look. It is a myth that layering is uncomfortable, but not anymore. There are various clothes that if used in layering, they will give you comfort, looks, sexiness, plus cosy vibes.

There are various rules for layering and they are mentioned below.

The Rules of Layering

These layering rules are for women, and some of them can even be followed by men. Some rules that you need to keep in mind before layering yourself up with clothes are as follows:

Rule 1:

Never miss out your undergarments

Well, it is a big mistake of some women that they do not wear undergarments when they are layering themselves up or wear thick, uncomfortable ones. Make sure that you wear a bra and underwear even in winter before layering and also keep this mind that you have to keep these undergarments thin and comfortable. It is completely okay to wear a flimsy bra and underwear because you are going to wear too many clothes from outside and you won’t feel cold. You can also wear a vest above your bra to be more comfortable.

Rule 2:

Wear easily removable outer layers

Clothes like Jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves should be used for exterior layer purposes. You have to choose outer layer clothes, which you can easily remove in public which will also give you a good look even after you remove them.

Rule 3:

Accessories are important

Make sure to add accessories while heading out with heavy clothes. Keep every spare part of your body covered and you can do this by wearing accessories, clothes like hats, scarves, hand-gloves are something that you can make use of. You can also carry jewellery, bags, and balance these according to the look you want.

Rule 4:

Matching is essential

Keep this simple rule in mind while layering, that matching is important. You need to make sure that even if you remove certain layers of your clothes, you still look presentable enough.

How to start layering?

Well, even if it is extremely cold outside, remember that you have to wear thin fabrics but multiple in numbers. This is because, even if you feel uncomfortable outside, you can easily remove one or two clothing. You know, the long-sleeved shirts and cotton sateen, polyester fabric or chiffon works well for under layers. You can pair this up with the warm polyester printed legging which will even give you a sexy look. Neck scarf, hat and others will also help you to keep you cosy.

What to Layer and How to Layer?

1.     Coat OR Cape?

Well, this is one of the biggest dilemmas in winter, what to choose from a coat or cape? The coat is one of the finest clothes that you can wear in winters and is one of the wardrobe staples for fashionistas. But, wearing one coat every day becomes overdone. So, you have an alternate to this and that is winter cape. Well, they are a bit similar to coat but slim, warm, cosy and can drop sexiness in your styling. It also gives a feminine look along with the traditional look. They have been designed to be versatile and drape around shoulders to give an extra cosy look.

Both of them are one of the finest choices that you can wear in winters. Coat and Cape, both will work and you can also layer them like a fashionista. You can wear a bright coloured or patterned cape to look more put together.

2.     Knee-High Boots and Booties

There are multiple options available in the market that you can wear during winters. One from the collection is a knee-high boot with a bandage dress. Boots are one of the best accessories that you can wear during winters because not only do they keep you warm and cosy but also give you a damn cool and hot look.

They have introduced a new class of sophistication and class with no compromises. You can pair them up with a bandage dress. Plus, you can add on accessories like a belt, scarf, textured tights, and something more that will keep you warm and keep you comfortable. You can even wear a pencil heel if you are going on a date with your loved one instead of knee-length boots.

3.     Sweaters

They are the most common clothes that you can choose to layer yourself up. When you go outside, you want to look good but in that, you forget that a sweater can even give you a sophisticated look. Sweaters if worn and matched properly, can give you the best look you desire. They can even save you from the cold outside with a good look. You can layer a sweater with a coat. At the bottom, you can wear tights or leggings, and even pants that will go with sweaters.

4.     Bandage dress

The bandage dress is not restricted to summertime only, you can even wear it in winters with perfect layering. They are multi-seasonal dresses that can even provide you comfort and warmth. Even in the marriage function, they are listed in the latest Indian Wedding trends 2020. You can wear this dress with heavy stretch material and pairing it up with simple boots, leggings and booties. Instead of leggings, you can even pair it up with leather jeans, and a coat from outside.

This will look like the perfect look that you have ever demanded. Layering the Bandage dress is not a big deal, it is just a flexible fabric and thus, thousands of options are available to layer this dress up. A shrug or a fur jacket can even go with this dress. Make sure you are wearing every matching thing and not an odd one out.

5.     Leather Jacket

This is one of the best clothes to layer yourself up. You can wear Faux leather when there is unbearable cold outside and it can easily balance your look well without compromising warmth with style.

There are lots of jackets, shirts, and pants that are made up of faux leather and they are primarily known for their warm-keeping capabilities and stylish design. If you are going in any marriage function, you can match this up with a Silver Maang Tikka with booties on. You can do fair make-up along with jewellery and other accessories. You can also match this up with caps, hats, gloves, scarves and other warm-keeping clothes. At the bottom, you can wear jeans with high-heels on or can also pair this up with the leather leggings.

6.     Wear fur on the fringes

A bulky faux fur coat may not be the perfect preferred choice but it is good when it is cold outside. There is a situation when you want to just feel warm and not want to look good. This is for those situations. It will layer you up perfectly and you can even stay stylish with a form-fitting jacket that boasts a faux fur. You can match this up with leather leggings and beautiful scarves.

At the bottom, you can wear high-knee boots that will increase the sexiness along with decency. You can also wear your favourite crop top in which there is fur on the fringes and can even pair it up with your boyfriend’s jeans.

7.     Leggings

If you want to wear your favourite skirt or dress in winter as well, you can pair it up with the leggings. They are one of the best options to pair at the bottom when it comes to layering. Tights, leggings and balloon jeans are somewhat similar but they will keep you warm also. Apart from keeping warm, they will also increase the styling level and will give a very sophisticated look.

There are various types of leggings available in the market like printed leggings and plain leggings. You can even pair it up with the boots or simple heals. Florals leggings are in demand nowadays but you can even take somewhat different things to pair yourself up.

8.     Maxi Dresses

It is simple to layer maxi dresses because a coat and jacket are all it needs. These dresses are one of the finest ideas to cover yourself up from top into the bottom in a single piece of cloth. The typical maxi dresses are body-fit and they are designed to reveal to show the figure of the body, but still, you can pair it up with a coat or a fur jacket from the top. The long coat can go evenly with the maxi dress. You also have to put on some jewellery to mark a good impact and also it is a comfortable dress.

Well, apart from these there are various other options that will make you feel warm and stylish in winters. They are small accessories like hats, beanies, scarves, hand-gloves and other things. They are one of the best things to pair with after layering yourself up. Now you know how to layer yourself up in winters. Wear them and look sexy with warmth in winters.

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