Ten easy ways to be handsome

10 easy ways to be handsome
Written by irfansadiq786

How much is not said about women’s beauty? How many fashions, how many decorations, how many kinds of trends are discussed, But men’s attire is still not a hot topic. Still, men also need tips to become more attractive. How can men be fashionable? Here are some tips on how to become handsome

🔥Use a moisturizer

Rough men’s jewellery, rough means handsome – the days of saying this are gone Roughness is no longer a men’s fashion statement, So there is no need to keep Roughness in anything whether it is attitude or skin So after shaving, you must use a moisturizer

🔥Don’t Shave

Don’t shave, If you want to keep a beard, It will maintain both your fashion awareness and cleanliness

🔥Use sunscreen

Girls are scared to read tan, and boys are scared of brown ‘hot’ – the days of carrying such thoughts are over. It is not fashionable to walk around in the sun with a tan on your face So when you go out on the street; you must use sunscreen

🔥Keep nails clean

Take care of your hands and feet regularly Keep your hands and feet clean Make sure that dirt does not accumulate on the nails Remember, a lot of people think that clutter is attractive but not unclean

🔥Mature hair and raw mind

Curly hair? And that thought has blown away the night’s sleep? Thinking of colouring hair? Burgundy or crow-black? If this is the case, then give up the idea of colouring hair first Pakachul or ‘grey hair’, but the most trendy fashion of the present era Old age or ageing so do not hide your own Remember that mature man prefer women, And so the ‘grey-haired’ man is also a little more handsome in the eyes of women

🔥Get a facial

It is essential to take care of the skin to become attractive So get regular facials Even if there is a lack of time, get a facial once in a month It is essential to maintain the freshness of the skin

🔥Keep teeth clean

Brush your teeth regularly, and those who use cigarettes or tobacco products should see a dentist every two months and take care of their dental care. Remember that a beautiful smile enhances the beauty of both men and women

🔥Use good perfume

Remember that most men tend to sweat. In most cases, there is no alternative but to take a quick bath. But the urge to carry the stench of sweat is not good at all. So use good perfume and try to stay odour free

🔥Keep your face clean

Wash your face with face wash once a day This removes the oily feeling of the face

🔥Stay fashionable

Be careful in choosing clothes Wear clothes that suit you Remember that proper clothing reveals your personality

Smartness is intelligence and the ability to attract the attention of others through body language. And this definition is not understood by many, and that is where the main problem arises. They think smartness comes through wearing right clothes, and those who maintain it are smart. But this doesn’t seem right. You can’t be smart just by wearing nice clothes, yes it is a small part of smartness but not the whole. If you want to master proper smartness, your intelligence, some more extracurricular activities need to be sharpened. Because it is essential to establish the inner foundation as well as the outer one.

Smart people can easily present their words or ideas to other people in any situation. Their ability to convince people is quite admirable. Everyone has the potential to create their value. No one will pay you the price of respect in simple language. To increase your self-esteem or value, you have to show your intelligence and smartness in front of them. And the greatest virtue of smart people is that they have a general idea of anything that makes them stand out in the eyes of others.

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