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Many Ways To Make Money on LinkedIn

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The number one social advertising for professionals to make money on LinkedIn, so naturally, it can be a great social network to use in various ways. Now we’re going to dive into ways to avoid all that and build LinkedIn by expanding your mailing list, products. Make money on LinkedIn by selling, providing services, finding advertisers, increasing book sales, promoting approved products, and hiring for your dream job.

Grow Your Mailing List

Everyone knows that this list contains money, whether you are selling your products or services or marketing approved products. Here are some ways you can create your mailing list on LinkedIn.

  • Make a LinkedIn group an exciting and essential topic. You can email new group members once a week when joining and using custom well templates. Enhance your mailing using welcome and announcement emails to promote free content giveaways, webinars, and self-related educational sequences to your group members list.
  • If you can’t convert followers from your LinkedIn group to your customer’s list, just copy the most important email you send to your list each week (if applicable) and stick it with the weekly announcement email in your group.
  • Add your freebies (e-books, reports, white papers, etc.) to your LinkedIn profile’s publishing section. People will be able to click directly on your squeeze page. It is a relatively new category and is not part of the standard lineup. When you go to your LinkedIn profile and click the Edit button, you will see it suggested for you in the bottom right sidebar.

Sell Info Products 

If you are marketing your information items, LinkedIn can be a great place to do it and make money on LinkedIn. Here are some routes to use on LinkedIn to get people into the sales of your products.

  • Create free content. Free training videos, white papers, reports, and e-books are easy ways to get potential customers into your sales funnel. Share your LinkedIn connections and a link on your Skidge page with groups.
  • Invite people to a webinar. Webinars that promise free, valuable education (even if people know the sales pitch is coming to an end) is also easy to promote on your LinkedIn connection and group.
  • LinkedIn discount offer. People like the idea of ​​conservation. Make a special offer for your new items and share it with your LinkedIn connections and other groups.
  • Add your new product under the project section of your LinkedIn profile. The projects and publishing sections of your LinkedIn profile only provide the ability to link directly to your website.
  • Take advantage of the promotion section of the groups you include, whose members will be the ideal buyers of your information products.
  • Find and connect with influential members of LinkedIn in your niche to see if they will be willing to write a review or if your information may be an endorsement of the product. Look for people with lots of suggestions and recommendations because they probably rely on other people for advice and trust.
  • Know about similar information products that offer a private networking group on LinkedIn for members? Find the LinkedIn group. Even if you can’t join, you’ll see a list of members in your network. Contact them to find out if they are interested in your information product.

Sell Physical or Digital Items

Does your business sell physical or digital products? Here are ways to use LinkedIn to increase sales of your products and earn money.

  • Take advantage of the product section on your LinkedIn page. Create unique product lists on your company page, and banner visitors can click to go to your landing pages, make full use of features like people targeting a specific type of customer, a YouTube commercial or explanatory video, and more.
  • Encourage people to write a recommendation for your product by adding a recommendation button to your product page. It will add social proof to your products when people discover it on your company page.
  • Add a presentation, commercial, or explanatory video as a media element to your LinkedIn profile’s short section. Make sure your media has strong calls to action and links.
  • Engage in discussions between groups whose members are likely to buy your product. Reply to posts publicly or reply in person when a reply may be sold. If you are a support member of the group, it will not feel like a sale.

Offer Services

Freelance writers, social media consultants, and other service providers can use LinkedIn to connect with the following organizations.

  • Customize your LinkedIn profile searched by those who want to hire you. Add your initial keywords (SEO consultant, freelance writer, etc.) to your profile title, current and past job titles, summaries, skills, and more. It will increase your chances of being discovered in LinkedIn search results.
  • Add skills to your LinkedIn profile. This way, people offer you faster and also have a chance to show off your LinkedIn skills on the page. If you don’t have enough real connections, many people prefer to use services like Wurke to buy linked to followers.
  • Take advantage of the services section of your LinkedIn page. Make a list of each of your services and make full use of all the features like the banner image linked to your website, the variety of your service descriptions that target a specific type of customer, the video testimonials, and more.
  • Define your ideal client (industry, interest, etc.) and join the segments they will participate in, such as real estate groups who want to promote their real estate marketing services. Being knowledgeable and helpful can lead to job search, and sharing the same group means people can message you without a premium membership.
  • If you don’t want to wait for potential clients to message you, message them when you ask the right lead-in questions. If you create Facebook pages and ask you how to create a Facebook page, reveal the answer to the public’s problem with some necessary steps and answer them in person to offer it as a service.
  • Join groups for complimentary service providers. These are not your direct competitors, but people who may need your help from time to time. For example, SEOs may need a graphic designer to create infographics for them. Freelance writers may need an editor to read their latest book. Network with these people in this group, and you need to help them or their clients next time on their radar.

Increase in Book Sales:

Do you have a Kindle book on Amazon or an ebook on your website for sale? Here are some ways to make money on LinkedIn

  • Send personalized messages to each of your contacts (recommended) or private messages to up to 50 connections at once. Add an invitation to interview you in your message to increase the chances of people writing about you and your new book on their blog.
  • Join groups related to book topics. Watch the discussions for the right opportunity to mention your book. To avoid looking like a spammer, consider using the answer personally to answer people asking questions in groups about the book.
  • Make a video trailer for your book. Add that video to YouTube and then add it as a media element in the short section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Write a great post on your blog about your book. Be sure to add the LinkedIn share button to that blog post and then share it with your LinkedIn connection in a status update. If your post has received many LinkedIn shares, let the LinkedIn Business Development Team know that you have the opportunity to be featured on LinkedIn Today.
  • Define your book’s ideal audience and create an ad campaign for LinkedIn users that matches that definition.

Find Direct Advertisers and Sponsors

If you advertise on your website or provide sponsorship opportunities for company events, LinkedIn makes it easy to find potential candidates.

  • Keep an eye on the LinkedIn sidebar, footer, and other ads across the website. These same businesses may be willing to look for ads on websites or sponsor events for a professional audience.
  • Find the right people to contact on the company page under Employees on LinkedIn. If it is a small organization, you can browse to find the appropriate point of contact. Otherwise, you may want to invest in a premium account so that you can use advanced search filters and emails.

Promote Affiliate Products

If you use authorized marketing to generate income online and write great reviews, here are some ways you can promote your authorized sales on LinkedIn.

  • Share your approved marketing review posts in groups as answers to application questions. If anyone has a post on choosing the right WordPress theme and comparing different premium themes (with affiliate links), this is an excellent opportunity to share. If the group does not allow connections, respond to group members in person.
  • If you have your group, be sure to post new reviews of your blog and email them about any special interests like limited time offers, discount codes, and new product launches.
  • No publications under your belt? Use the publishing section of your LinkedIn profile to link to your latest approved product review posts.

Use LinkedIn Advertising

It is one way to make money on LinkedIn.If you have some money to invest, you can use the LinkedIn ad to increase your income in various ways from the above methods.

  • Create an ad campaign to market your listing for free. Use targeting options to get the attention of different LinkedIn users. For example, if you have a Twitter account, create ads like “Twitter for CEO” and “Twitter for Small Biz.” Directing visitors to a custom skis page to match your ad’s text will significantly increase your conversion chances.
  • Create an advertising campaign for your information product targeting your target customer demographic. Teach them to sign up for free content that will convert their buyers or make sense with a special offer for a limited time.
  • Create an ad campaign based on your target customer population for your physical or digital product. Include a discount code, specific results that can be achieved, or other copies to click through to purchase.
  • Create an ad campaign targeting the companies and people who need your services the most. Include a copy that tells the potential employer what the main benefits will be if they hire you.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot use LinkedIn ads for authorized marketing as per the guidelines. So while it may be tempting, avoid this task. On the other hand, one program is to create a free autoresponder course for new customers. For example, advertise a free 10-day period on building a WordPress website. In each part of the autocomplete series, add authorized links to hosting companies, themes, tools, plugins, e-books, and premium training courses.

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