Kapalbhati For Erectile Dysfunction – Know The Truth

Kapalbhati For Erectile Dysfunction
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Kapalbhati is part of yogic breathing exercises that is recommended as part of the natural cure to erectile dysfunction. It is controlled breathing exercises, and one of the seven breathing exercises mentioned in yoga for physical and mental wellbeing.

Recent studies done in several medical centres in the United States have confirmed that breathing exercises that are part of yoga have a positive impact on sexual health. Practicing controlling breathing improves health indicators, which indirectly impact the sexual health of practitioners. Let us study in detail how kapalbhati impacts health and subsequently sexual health of a male.

Kapalbhati and way of performing it

One of the seven breathing exercises, kapalbhati is an important part of the pranayamas (breathing exercise of yoga). Its literary is a shining skull or light that makes the forehead radiant. It is a combination of two words, kapal, meaning forehead and bhati, which means light.

Sit on the flat floor, keep your spine straight and fold your legs. Close your eyes, so that you can better focus on the exhalation process through the nose. Your palms should be on your knees. Take a deep breath, and exhale forcefully from the nose. The exhaling has to be a bit forceful so that your stomach wall goes inside. Do not exert force initially. Gradually increase your push to exhalation through the nose.

During this process, the organs that are under the skull like the brain, forehead and spaces inside the head that are linked with the back of the nose are activated positively.

There should be no effort to inhale. Once you exhale with force, the inhaling will be automatic and smooth. Continue the exhaling and inhaling for 5 minutes. Take some rest and gradually increase time in each session.  

Kapalbhati and its impact on Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the lack of blood flow in the required quantity in the penis blood vessels. The rush of blood into the tissues of the penis causes an erection. Without blood in the penis, the penile erection does not take place.

Yoga experts believe that forced breathing of kapalbhati will push blood flow in the sexual organ and cure the erectile issue.  The continuous forceful exhalation through the nose changes the blood chemistry and pushes the blood to the sexual organ.  Kapalbhati practitioners also have reported better sperm count. Low sperm count is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. 

Benefits of kapalbhati which help males with erectile dysfunction

Kapalbhati improves the function of the reproductive system, which leads to better erection. It also improves the function of pancreas to produce insulin naturally. This leads to control over diabetes, which is one of the main causes behind erectile dysfunction.

Kapalbhati removes toxins from the body to clean and calm the internal systems including mind. A relaxed and calm mind is an important factor in the erection process.

Limits of kapalbhati in higher degree of erectile dysfunction

There is no medical evidence to support the claim that kapalbhati has improved the sexual function of males with a higher degree of erectile dysfunction.  It can improve the general health in older males, but its efficacy is not tested in a practical way in older males. So consult your doctor and check your erectile dysfunction degree.

For higher intense erectile dysfunction, doctors suggest Cheap Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg (High Dose) as an instant solution. A single oral dose prescribed by the doctor is swallowed by the water before the planned intimate session. It increases blood flow towards the sexual organ overcoming all causes to give you an instant penile erection. Take all precautions for safe consumption. Stop any medicine or herbal supplement you are on to avoid adverse reaction.

Kapalbhati practitioners can get more from ED drugs  

With a calm and relaxed mind, kapalbhati practitioners can get more out of a single dose of ED drug. Medical experts do not mind using ED drugs after a kapalbhati session. They suggest Levitra 40mg as an instant solution to erectile dysfunction. Swallow the tablet with water 60 minutes before the planned intimate session. Levitra remains unaffected with food, but avoids fatty and oily food to avoid delay in absorption by bloodstream.

So, kapalbhati has several health benefits that combine to increase energy, vitality and performance of internal organs. The combined result is better health which is the foundation for a better sexual health. However, consult with a doctor before using Vidalista 20 mg pills  to get an instant cure from erectile issues. Vidalista is an oral medicine approved by FDA for males and supports the erection system for 5 hours. If you are on medication, the medical guidance will help you to get safe results.

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