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How to Install Microsoft Clarity Analytics in WordPress

Microsoft Clarity Analytics in WordPress
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Microsoft Clarity is a free tool that analyzes how your users use and view your website. It is an analytics library written in JavaScript. This tool helps you to explore how your users navigate, interact and browse your website, which further allows you to provide new insights about your users.

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to install Microsoft Clarity Analytics in WordPress.

What is Microsoft Clarity and Why Should You Use it?

Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool that allows you to understand the interaction between your user and the website. It will enable you to learn about which page is visited the most on your website and how your users’ click, scroll, and navigate through your website.

The most important and useful feature of Microsoft Clarity is data visualization. Therefore, it consists of click tracking, heat map reports, session recordings, and more. The visual information gives you an idea of how your users’ click, navigate, scroll, or select. The screen recordings give you an idea of how your users view your content or where they spend most of their time on the website.

This information can help you to improve your user experience, performance and sales revenue. You can enhance the layout of your website to improve user experience using WordPress theme customization.

What Is The Difference Between Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives us detailed features to track and is known to be the best analytics solution in the market. At the same time, Microsoft Clarity offers visual user interactions with the help of heat maps and session recordings.

Using Google Analytics, everything on your website can be tracked by you. However, Google Analytics does not consist of features like heat maps and visitation session recordings yet. Well, these services are offered by Microsoft Clarity for free, which was previously a paid service like Hotjar or CrazyEgg.

Google Analytics, as well as Microsoft Clarity, work nicely without affecting the functions of your website.

How to Install Microsoft Clarity Analytics in WordPress?

The process of adding Microsoft Clarity to any website is relatively easy along with the WordPress site. Sign In to Microsoft Clarity and then add a tracking code to your website.

Here is A Step By Step Process of The Complete Process:

Register for Microsoft Clarity: Head towards the site of Microsoft Clarity and then click the “Get Started” button. To sign in, you will require a Microsoft, Google or Facebook account. The Clarity dashboard appears once you are logged in. A pop up appears where you will be able to add a new project. Enter the name of your project. Then enter the URL of your website and select the category of your website. Once you have created the new project, it will appear on your dashboard. Click on the project to get the tracking code and copy it, which will further be required to be added to your website.

Add the Microsoft Clarity code to your site: The tracking code that you copied in the last step is required to be present on all the pages of your WordPress website. Then, the Insert Headers and Footers plugin must be installed and activated. Using this plugin, you can add any script to the header or footer of your website in your WordPress dashboard. Paste the copied tracking code into the “Scripts in the header” field. Don’t forget to save the settings, so click on the “Save” button. After doing this, the plugin activates the Microsoft Clarity analytics code on all the pages of your WordPress site.

Use the Microsoft Clarity: Once you have installed and cleared the cache of WordPress, Microsoft Clarity tool starts recording the session data of the visitors. However, it might take up to 2 hours to see the results in your Clarity account. After logging in to your Clarity account, you will be able to see the activity summary on your dashboard.

Following these steps will help you to install Microsoft Clarity Analytics for your WordPress site. After using the tool, you will be able to analyze the user experience and improve your site for better results. Use fast internet of your router or mobile data for ease.


Microsoft Clarity is a free and a new analytics tool with new and useful features. This tool allows the website owners to see the heatmaps and session recordings which was previously a premium solution. These features will enable you to analyze your website and improve the user experience and increase sales.

This article will surely help you with the process of installing Microsoft Clarity Analytics in your WordPress site.

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