How to Find the Best Production House in Singapore for Your Project

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Production is a lengthy process and no matter what kind of content are you producing. Quality experts will always bring better results than average ones. We always kept that in mind while hiring production houses in Singapore for our projects.

Most of them are fine, but some of them lacked a lot of stuff that we hoped that they should have possessed. So, keeping our experiences in mind, we thought that we should inform you about the ways to find the best production house in Singapore.

This is not a review of any specific one, but an overview of the practices that you should follow. As per our own experiences, the majority of production houses in Singapore are better than the rest of the world. But this is just our point of view of the services that we were provided with, and you might not get the same.

Keeping that in mind, we will like to provide you with our methods to find the best production house in Singapore.

Learn about the Craft

Before you even start searching for production houses in Singapore, it is always better to learn a bit more about the craft of video production. With adequate knowledge about the craft, you will be able to ask better questions and judge the production agency in a better way.

The main thing about learning the craft is to understand the technicalities of the Industry. With that, you will be able to get better services and will offer better deals instead of trying to save a lot of money and ending up with an average quality result.

Search for Top Reviewed Ones

After learning about the craft, the next step is searching for an agency. Search Engines or Social media can easily do this job for you, and in Singapore, reviews are more credible compared to other countries. 

So, type something like “production houses in Singapore”, or production houses near me on Google or any other search engine that you prefer.

Don’t use words like “Best” in your searches because you might end up at the affiliate sites. Nevertheless, the next step is to check the reviews of the top ones and shortlist them. 

Furthermore, also visit their social media pages to find out more reviews. Make a list of your favorite ones, and then proceed to the next step

Look at their Past Work

By looking at the reviews, you will find a number of past clients. Try to contact some of them by using professional methods to get a glimpse into the result of their project. But if you fail to do so, try looking at the company testimonials, and portfolio.

Even you don’t find their work satisfactory, it’s better to either move on or ask for more samples directly from the company.

Meet with them, Ask for Ideas

After completing all the previously mentioned steps, the next thing you need to do is arrange a meeting with shortlisted candidates. Meet with them, and ask for ideas that can enhance your project. 

However, always remember that you are the one with an idea in mind, they just need to create a marvel out of that idea.

The reason for asking them for ideas is to know their thought process. If their ideas touch the sweet spot in your mind, then it will serve as a plus factor to hire them.


In this article, we provided you with ways to find the best production house in Singapore. These tips might sound basic, but they have always worked for us. So, we recommend using these methods and share your own with us as well. 

But before you go here is another tip, always negotiate before handing your project to a production house. Because with negotiation, you can find the best deal possible, but don’t try to get the cheapest one because it might end up costing you in the long-run.


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