Erectile Dysfunction: What Every Man Should Know

Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile Dysfunction: What Every Man Should Know

Awareness and knowledge about erectile dysfunction is a very important factor in curing it. A man who knows the causes behind erectile dysfunction can delay the onset of the erection issue until advanced years of life.

It has been observed by medical studies that a man who does not know about an erectile issue will hesitate to seek medical help. Thus, the ability or actions of a man to cure erectile dysfunction directly depend on his knowledge of erectile dysfunction. It is possible to prevent the emergence of erectile dysfunction in your life with better information on the issue.

Awareness of erectile dysfunction will lead you to get help

Erectile dysfunction knowledge will make it easy for you to get an immediate diagnose of the problem. Erectile dysfunction never comes suddenly. It starts affecting the sexual life well before the actual diagnoses of the diseases.

Unfortunately, the perception is that anyone visiting a doctor for testing the erection issue will be branded as impotent. Males avoid visiting a doctor. They feel embarrassed to explain their sexual life. Even males in advanced countries, as revealed in a survey by the European urologist association, only 18 % of males are aware of erectile dysfunction. And only a few seek medical help without hesitation. This fact only complicates the problem for males.

Erectile dysfunction is not associated with age

Even a younger male can have erectile dysfunction due to some emotional or psychological issues. Sometimes a first bad sexual experience can lead to fear of erectile dysfunction. And this fear takes hold in the next sexual intercourse. You have to remove the fear and relax. Communicating the fear of the partner may help you to relax and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Understand the causes behind erectile dysfunction

If you know that obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor dietary habit lead to erectile issues, you can prevent it easily. Never let your body gain extra weight. Avoid the waistline that is beyond 42 inches. It is a medical fact that a man with such a waistline suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Keep yourself fit by just taking some normal exercises. Avoid junk food and excessive smoking and drinking. You will never face the erection issue if you know that high smoking and drinking leads to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction drug

Using ED drugs is not harmful

Erectile dysfunction drugs are tested and verified by stringent tests before made available for your consumption. The doses are available to deal with every degree of erectile dysfunction. Take the right dose after consultations with the doctor to avoid a few side effects. Even 200 mg sildenafil citrate can be the best dose for you if a doctor has judged it the best dose for you.

A better lifestyle with the right intimacy level prevents erectile dysfunction

Even in old age, diet and lifestyle play an important role in erection function. If you put aside some unfortunate issues like loss of the partner or physical weakness due to debilitating medical condition, you can have good sexual intercourse even in old age. The erection degree will not be the same as it was in the 20s or 30s, but you can achieve satisfaction in your sexual relations.

If health permits, an old man can use Tadalafil 60 mg for better blood circulation. It also gives him the advantage of spontaneous sex.


Regular exercise is one of the natural therapies to not only improve male erections but also boost overall functioning. Talking about regular exercising as a way to relieve erectile dysfunction– Yes, it can help.

Because exercising improves cardiovascular health, it has a positive impact on penile blood circulation as well– which eventually helps develop a firm and lasting erection.

Even information about the use of medicine helps you avoid side effects

You can completely decrease the chances of even a few side effects with the right information. Using water with medicine and avoiding other medicines prevent adverse reactions. You should also know that certain medicines like Vardenafil 60 mg overcome a higher degree of an erectile issue without increasing side effects, as it is considered more powerful than other ED medicines.

You can also use generic like Fildena 100mg to get satisfactory sexual intercourse. Better information means better sexual life. So, we can say that a healthy male with a healthy diet and support from the partner can keep erectile dysfunction at bay. There is no rule which says, that you will get erectile dysfunction after a certain age.


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