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The dips and pull-ups are two of the most important exercises to boost your gains. However, after some time, your body weight won’t challenge you enough – that’s when a dip belt comes in handy.

Here are some recommendations. Rogue Fitness has the best dip belt (click for the current price on their website). There are few dip belts that can support this much weight, making this belt one of the best. Though it is more expensive than most, thisdip belt will not break or lose integrity.

What is a Dip Belt?

Let’s take a moment to explain what dip belts are and how they work before we get right into finding the right one for you.

You can wear a dip belt around dip belt weight your hip area either made of fabric or leather. Chains or clips are usually attached to dip belts so that weights can be attached. To make bodyweight exercises more challenging, you can use it for dips and pull-ups.

This belt helps you strengthen your upper body and prevents you from plateauing, making it perfect for every workout.

The 5 Best Dip Belts

Here are the 5 best dip belts that can make your pull ups more convenient.

1. DMoose Fitness Dip & Pull Up Belt

Take a look at this dipping belt with a chain by DMoose Fitness if you’re looking for a belt with a chain! Designed for Cross Fit, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and, of course, pull-ups, this product is available in four different colors (black, blue, gray, and camo).

To improve stability and strength, a heavy-duty premium steel chain is attached to its 36-inch length.

As you work towards using heavier and bigger loads, this chain allows you to attach plates of all weights and sizes.

A large back design enables the belt to wrap around your midsection without pinching you or bunching up, which helps distribute the weight evenly. Since this product can be adjusted to fit any body type, it will fit everybody. Furthermore, it comes with strong, rust-proof D-rings to ensure a secure fit when weight lifting.

2. Harbinger – Dip Belt with Steel Chain

If you’re looking for a dip belt with a chain that’s built to last, this is a great option. This belt is made of durable polypropylene, and the contoured design ensures that it fits comfortably and provides back support while you train.

Heavy-duty steel grommets secure a 30-inch chain to the grommets. If you want to build strength and power in your chest and triceps, you can easily add or remove weights from the chain.  Besides being available in black and gunmetal, this option can be adjusted to fit all sizes, so you won’t have to waste time looking for a strap that fits!

This is one of the best weight training dipping belts with a chain on today’s market!

  1. Dark Iron Fitness – Leather Dip Belt

We highly recommend that anyone looking for dipping belts for weight lifting check out this one manufactured by Dark Iron Fitness!. It is constructed from premium, reinforced, 100% genuine real leather, making it the perfect choice for those looking for leather dip belts.

This product has been engineered to prevent breaking, tearing, and wearing out, unlike its cheaper competitors. As the product has pillow-like padding built into it, it won’t dig into your side while you’re exercising. As the product is lightweight, it won’t add to your workout.

With the 40-inch weight strap, you can load over 6 Olympic plates of weight without any problems. It can hold up to 122.5 kg.

This is a one size fits all product, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off during your workout. As a result of a heavy-duty metal buckle and an adjustable strap, it stays in place while in use.

  1. RDX – Weightlifting Belt

The RDX Leather dip belt is another great option for those looking to buy leather dip belts at a relatively low price. It is also featured previously in our weightlifting gloves article!

This belt is made from cowhide leather and feels soft and smooth. As well as being batter-resistant, oil-tanning techniques are used on the leather to make it waterproof and pliable.

Additionally, it’s made of sweat-absorbing material, so sweat is kept away from the body and you stay dry and comfortable.Double stitched seams prevent the belt from tearing and wearing out.

The buckles and rivets are also made of heavy duty material to ensure they won’t break.

  1. Elite Body Squad – Dipping Belt

If you are looking to buy a dip belt, this product is a great choice! You will forget that you are even wearing this pull-up belt with chains. As a result, the 7-inch extra-wide back supports have been designed to fit your body exactly.

In contrast to some of the cheaper leather options, this padded neoprene material won’t dig into your skin while you’re exercising. Dip weight belts are lightweight and compact, so they are easy to carry to the gym.

By attaching the weights to the chain, they will hang further away from your body, minimizing the chance of injury. The chain is 30 inches long (75cm).

Two clips on the dumbbells or disks allow you to load and unload them almost instantly, hassle-free.

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