Choosing The Right Shoes To Wear

Choosing The Right Shoes To Wear
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When you go to the mall or check an online shop, you can find a lot of shoes to try. The variety of shoe selection provided to you will vary in design, brand, and materials used. If you know what to look for, choosing the right pair will be easy. To help you out, we listed some tips below. Read on!

Finding The Right Size

You probably think that you already know your shoe size. But sizes vary by brand or design. The best way to do this is by measuring your foot at the end of the day while standing up. All the day’s worth of walking has probably made your feet swollen. This ensures that the footwear you buy will fit from day until the night.

Make an allowance of at least a half-inch to make room for movement. A fitted shoe will only make it painful to walk in the long run. The width is also crucial as the length. Do not force your feet into a shoe that is too narrow.

Choosing The Right Materials

The material you choose is as important as finding a shoe that fits. You are more likely to wear it if it is made from soft materials. Hard and stiff shoes can make it painful to walk and also cause your feet to blister.

To add more stability, laces can also help. Laces are versatile because it depends on the wearer if they want a loose or tighter fit. These are available not just in running shoes but also in ballerina flats.

Check inside the footwear for any detail that may make your feet uncomfortable. Some ideas of what to check are tags, hard insoles, and seams. If you can, look for cushioned shoes.

Choosing The Right Shoe For The Occasion

Having the right shoe for the occasion can boost your performance and also feel more comfortable to use.  Consider your lifestyle before you buy new ones.

If you’re looking for walking shoes, it is recommended to try on lightweight ones with shock absorption on the heel. If you prefer to use flip flops, it is recommended for short distances only.

Running shoes are sports shoes, but they’re not explicitly made for court sports such as tennis. On the other hand, tennis shoes are not made for sprints because they are made with heavier materials to provide stability. You can try to use one for the other, but it would not be as comfortable as wearing the right shoes made for the job.

If you’re looking for formal shoes, leather material may be the right choice but make sure that you are using it in a cold room because it retains heat in your feet.

Heels Or No Heels?

Did you know that heels were first made for men? They were used in the old times as a way to ride horses more comfortably. Nowadays, heels for men’s shoes provide extra protection to the sole.

When looking for women’s heeled shoes, it is essential to choose something that has a rounded toe. This provides more space to move in than a pointed toe. If you’re wearing it for the first time, make sure that they fit snugly, but not too much that it feels cramped.

For more comfort, a better alternative would be to choose a low heel or an open shoe with heels. If you’re required to wear high heels for an event, you can do so for a short time and switch to more comfortable shoes to walk in.

Trying Out The Shoe

If you’re trying a shoe for the first time, make sure to walk a lot to test it out. If it doesn’t fit, don’t even wear it because it would just hurt your feet. They should be comfortable from the moment you try them to the moment you take them off.

Tips When Shopping

If you can buy from a store, a good tip is to bring a traced drawing of your shoe. Instead of trying every shoe you find, you can use the picture. Anything smaller or narrower should immediately be returned to the shelf.

If you are buying online, make sure to read the measurements indicated on the product details. Study the photos provided and imagine similar shoes and materials that you have worn before. How was your experience then? Read the return and exchange policy before checking out.

Key Takeaway

We do a lot of walking and running in our life. That’s why we rely on a good pair of shoes. Selection can be made by first measuring your feet. Consider the idea that the left and right are not the same sizes. Pick materials that you would be comfortable to wear a lot, even if you’re buying a formal wear shoe. Also, consider your lifestyle and activities. After this, you should test out a new shoe as much as possible to see if it’s comfortable. Otherwise, you should return it or not even buy it.


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