China sourcing agent – 6 Tips to Identify Best Agent

China sourcing agent – 6 Tips to Identify Best Agent
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I knew the founder of sourcing wise several years ago, he was a nice and professional man. To make your importing from China easier, Sourcing China sourcing agent Wise is your best choice for a reliable sourcing agent in China. Here are 6 tips to find your best sourcing agent in China.

  1. Market Trends and Professional Product Knowledge:

Importing a product from China can be a completely different process, depending on the product. There are certain types of goods that are extremely complex, such as electronics and auto motives.

It is crucial to consult a sourcing agent who has deep knowledge of the product because this can determine whether the delivery is profitable or not.

Request feedback from the sourcing agent’s industry customers and case studies. It is very challenging to find a sourcing agent with professional experience in niche products.

If this agent does not possess sufficient qualifications, you may want to inquire about feedback from other customers in related industries.

  1. Knowing What You Need to Import:

The purchasing agent should also be able to understand the customer’s precise requirements quickly. Based on product ideas, they can communicate with the supplier on behalf of users.

The process of changing the product back will take longer if your sourcing agent is not able to understand what your real needs are. Whenever possible, the best sourcing agent ensures that customers’ orders are tested for quality.

  1. Possess Good Communication Skills:

It is imperative that the best sourcing agent in China has a solid command of English in writing and communication, and should be able to communicate easily with you by phone and email. In addition, they must be highly efficient and quick to respond to emails or WeChat messages. This is because China is a different time zone from other countries.

  1. Coverage Of Territory:

A qualified sourcing agent must have an office in at least one Chinese city, including Hong Kong, and be a registered company. It is likely that a more qualified buying agent has an office in your country as well as in China.

Although this does not directly affect the success of your transaction, it is certainly a sign of the strength of the agent’s position and confirms its reliability.

Most Chinese suppliers are located in coastal industrial clusters. Having your agent in close proximity to a specific industrial group can be beneficial should something go wrong during the production process. The transportation cost will also be reduced.

  1. Ensure A Transparent & Legal Process:

when it comes to hiring sourcing agents. In order to find a reputable and competent sourcing agent in China, you need to develop a strategy that is effective and competently implemented. In order to be a reliable purchasing agent, you should be transparent, methodical in your work, and put the customer’s needs for the product and the availability of the necessary certifications before established relationships with suppliers and the possibility of receiving kickbacks.

The standard procurement process involves:

  • Specification’s approval and certificate requirements approval
  • Finding suppliers
  • Requesting initial quotes, ordering samples, and selecting qualified suppliers
  • Negotiating prices
  • by auditing qualified suppliers
  • for final supplier selection
  • prior to signing a contract
  • Manufacturing and quality control
  • Inspections
  1. Supply Chain Management Without Kickbacks:

Communication is more important in Chinese firms, and this can significantly affect your business. How would you prefer to work with an agent, selecting a supplier who can manufacture the product according to your requirements, or selecting a supplier who is willing to pay a higher kickback? It is best to choose the first one yourself, unless you are filing for bankruptcy.

There is nothing wrong with Chinese management. However, I would like to work with a specialist who understands the quality requirements appropriate to the e-commerce market and understands my certification requirements.

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