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Things to remember when buying a huge diamond ring

Solitaire Setting
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You have to be careful when making an expensive purchase like diamond ring. And when you are going for a huge diamond ring, there’s no margin of error. You have to do your research and think everything through. A small mistake can cost you a huge amount. You must choose everything carefully, like the diamond cut or shape, weight, choice of the metal, the setting, color, or the clarity.

Remember that when we talk about a huge diamond, we are mainly talking about the weight or carats. And while there have been instances of a 69 carat diamond ring worn by Elizabeth Taylor or a 35 carat diamond ring worn by Mariah Carey, a 5 carat or 10 carat diamond ring is usually the highest you can go (unless you are ready to spend millions of dollars on a single ring).

Let’s have a look on things you need to remember while buying a huge diamond ring:

Go for a Shallower Cut

A 5 carat diamond ring with reasonable clarity (H/VS2) can cost as much as $100k so you need to choose the right cut. Shallow cut diamonds, not only prevent the wastage of the diamond’s material but they give more symmetrically arranged surfaces for total internal refraction of light – the phenomenon that brings about the typical prismatic scintillations to the diamond ring. Deeper cut diamonds increase the hassle of mounting them on sturdier ring sets as well to provide better support to the diamond ring. Thus, look for skilled craftsmen who can intricately and impeccably cut the diamond.

Go for a Shallower Cut

Get Perfect Clarity Diamonds

Bigger diamonds need to have flawless or very very small inclusions as the clarity grade. A small inclusion on a small 1 carat stone might not be visible to the naked eye but huge diamonds have a larger interface, so the smallest of defects will be quite visible. You will need at least VS1 or VVS2 clarity rating when you are purchasing a huge diamond. That is particularly why bigger diamond rings are pricier. Moreover, they should have minimal shadows and bow-tie effect for it completely ruins the typical brilliant look of the ring.

Get Perfect Clarity Diamonds

Shapes of the Diamond Ring Can Affect the Price

Paris Hilton got a 22 carat diamond ring in pear shape. Same goes for Victoria Beckham whose 17 carat diamond ring is in pear shape. Angelina Julie’s 16 carat diamond ring was in a unique table cut shape. Grace Kelly’s 10 carat ring came in Emerald shape while Jeniffer Aniston wore a 8 carat diamond ring in radiant shape. This shows that you can choose practically any shape for your diamond ring. There’s no specific shape that looks best or worse on a huge diamond.

dimaond price

Even if you have the budget for buying a diamond ring of a bigger size, the shape that you choose can affect the price. With the round, cushion, oval, and pear shaped diamonds having the highest price range and Asscher, heart, and princess having the lowest.

One more thing that you need to be mindful of is whether the diamond shape compliments your finger or not. Longer, slender fingers pull off rectangular cuts better. While pear, oval, and rose cuts look stunning on stouter fingers. Make sure that the ring does not look grossly disproportionate on your hand for it kills the look.

Choose the Solitaire Setting

The only setting that complements bigger diamonds the most is a solitaire setting. This attenuates the look of the ring without any extra fluff or flashiness. A further addition to this might be a six or four-prong setting – especially if you want a contrast with your ring. If you would like to add more a channel or pave setting will do justice to the ring, without taking away too much attention from the diamond itself.

Solitaire Setting

Opt a Sturdier Metallic Band

Undoubtedly, a bigger diamond would require sturdier support – thus, weaker or easily malleable metals like gold are not usually preferred. Instead, alloys are used for better support and longer durability. You can go for rose gold or yellow instead of pure gold. Silver, platinum, and titanium are also popular choices for rings that need a monochromatic look with colorless diamonds.

Color is Crucial

You have to be very particular about color grading. Larger diamond rings tend to show more fire and light flashes, but they also emanate more depth of color. Thus, if you are going for a monochromatic, colorless diamond make sure that you only choose a diamond graded between H and J color. Even picking the K color gives a tint of yellow to your diamond which can be discernible from afar. Be wary of synthetic lab-generated diamonds since they have more fluorescence and do not sparkle as much as natural diamonds – especially in bigger sizes and cuts.

Only Buy Certified Diamonds

You are already paying a fortune for buying a gigantic sized diamond ring – thus, you must buy a certified stone. Make sure that you demand a certificate with approved grading from the GIA or your national companies.  A diamond, especially of bigger size, is an investment and something that will be passed on through generation. Thus, never purchase a diamond ring without any authentic certification.

Finally, once you have researched enough and purchased your diamond ring, flaunt it as you should! But while you are at it take special care of not ruining the diamond’s edges – especially if it is in rectangular shaped cuts.

buy certified diamond

One good thing about huge diamond rings is that these are rare so they will serve as an asset that will appreciate in value as the time passes. This is why it is important to maintain the ring and take proper care of it – just like a best friend, your diamond rings require the utmost nurturing and attention.

Follow these tips and you are sure to find the best price for your huge diamond ring. Just make sure that you are buying from a reliable jeweler and the diamond is GIA certified.

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