Best Time to Apply for MIM Program for a Fresher

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MIM (Masters in Management) is a new course developed by the European Universities for fresh graduates. The time duration of the MIM courses is basically 10 months to 18 months. MIM offers an utmost specialization in the field of management. Students develop new aids and necessary skills for dealing with any kind of business.

MIM mainly focuses on the theoretical aspects of management, otherwise, it is more or less similar to the MBA course. Freshers can easily apply for the MIM course in abroad Businesses Schools. Fresher young graduates who want to build their careers in leadership and management can easily go for MIM.

MIM graduates get more value while placements in the USA in comparison to MBA graduates. Students pursuing MIM can select various career fields such as Manufacturing, Accounting, Technology, Finance, and others. Also, they get good pay that varies from place to place.

When to apply for MIM as a Fresher?

Over recent years, the MIM course has gained more admiration, and students are convinced and acknowledging the course as well. If you are a graduate fresher and want to pursue a Master’s degree in the field of management, MIM will be the best option for you.

Freshers can join this course as sooner as they can do. The competition is increasing day by day so there is nothing to wait for. Students must have to think about the best colleges and deadlines to apply for the course. North Americans have also started offering this course. You can also select the MIM in Canada as they offer better platforms too.

The deadlines might fear you and boost your stress level and you can demoralize or don’t get the appropriate college that you are looking for. The best time to apply for the MIM course is just completing after your graduation in business or management fields.

There are two types of admissions for pursuing the MIM course. We will give you all the details so that you can apply for the course on time.

1. Rolling Admissions: Basically, this admission type delivers admission on a rotation basis. Universities offer a large set of applications to the students and ask for a quick response before 8 weeks. So that they don’t wait for the deadlines to respond.

The more quickly they respond to the applications, the more chance of selection. As being late for replying, students might get rejected because of the high competition.

2. Round Admissions: As compared to the rolling admissions, round admissions are quite different. Students get their time to respond to the application and after being the application being selected, they can proceed for the next rounds.

There are different rounds that you need to clear up. Read about the application dates and access the best suitable and appropriate one.

  • The First Round: The First round is from August to October. You can apply anytime in between this. However, this is the most difficult round as the students applying in this round might have to wait. This is because the universities want to wait for the next rounds so that they can receive more competent students.

However, if you have a good profile along with a better GMAT score you can get the chance of selection in the first round only. In case your GMAT score is less, you can appear again and increase your score and apply for the second round.

  • The Second Round: Now, this round occurs from October to January. This is the time when almost all the students have completed their graduation and looking for their Master’s course. So, a large number of students will apply in the second round.

The chance of selection will be a little lesser than the first round as there would be a large competition. So, you should take your time and think about the best.

  • The Third Round: The third round happens in the month between February to April. Since this is the last round for selection. There will be less chance and more competition for selection.

These were the rounds you need to apply for the MIM courses. Being a fresher, we advise you to for the first round as it offers more chances to gets selected in the top Universities. There will be limited competition in the beginning round and the chances will be higher for you.

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