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Are a banana and Avocado a real threat to your weight?

banana and Avocado
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Not once to hear from the mouths of several nutritionists that they prefer to eat many fruits (vegetables) than to eat the same amount of sweets. But it would help if you also were more careful with the consumption of some fruits. And one such fruit is the famous banana and Avocado.

Regarding the consumption of large quantities of bananas, it is not clear whether this quantity is dangerous or not. Some claim that the banana is healthy and can be eaten any amount, even every day. Others recommend eating only one piece (maximum of two pieces). Bananas contain many sugars and carbohydrates, which may not always benefit the optimal weight of a person.

A banana a favorite fruit of today

Once again, banana and Avocado and apples are the most popular fruits to eat on the planet. However, bananas have one extra positive compared to apples. They have a special skin, thanks to which they do not need to be washed like apples before consumption.

This advantage is justified. For example, if you are absent from home and do not have water to wash the fruit on hand, you can still consume the banana because it has its peel, which is discarded and protects the inside of the fruit from dirt and bacteria (even without the need to wash with water).

Low-calorie content, high content of vitamins and minerals

Bananas are rich in several vitamins, namely vitamin E, C as well as vitamin B. In addition, it includes minerals (iron, potassium, and magnesium) and fiber. In addition, they have low-calorie content (approximately 80 g or 100 g). On the other hand, they contain many carbohydrates or sugars. For example, with a weight of 100 grams of ripe bananas, you give the body up to 20 grams of sugars.

More ripeness, more malt, and sugar

It is true that the riper the banana you consume, the sweeter it will be and the more sugar you will indulge your body. Some healthy lifestyle experts agree that if you decide to lose weight, you should indulge in more green bananas (not very ripe and yellow).

This has fewer carbohydrates and is also suitable for several types of diets. It is true that a greener banana has a sugar level (compared to other nutrients) of 1:20. When ripened, the ratio then changes sharply until it becomes the opposite of this ratio.

Remember: The amount of sugar a banana can give you quickly may not be the best trait. If you consume a lot of bananas, your body will not be able to burn the supplied strength and energy. That’s when the problem arises. Think about it when you start “banana” eating bananas just because you like them because they are sweet.

Banana as a favorite fruit due to its composition

If you indulge in a banana, you will burn the energy from it immediately with great effort. Even demanding strength training will not be easy. This can be achieved with an hour’s work in the fitness center, for example.

Think about this fact in advance so that you do not have a problem digesting. Remember: Never have a banana for dinner if you only plan to watch TV or sit at the computer. Also, avoid excessive consumption of dried bananas (even soaked in milk chocolate). You simply do not burn this energy level quickly, which is then reflected in the increase in your body weight.

What to add at the end? Be sure to treat yourself to one or two bananas in your diet on a regular basis. Just keep in mind that the more a banana matures, the more sugar and energy you will supply your body, which you will definitely need to burn.

Therefore, it is good to indulge in a banana before a more demanding physical activity, when you are guaranteed to burn all your energy and not gain it unnecessarily because sugar is insidious in that it is quickly stored where none of you want.

Try a green gift called avocado. Why?

Avocado is a typical green fruit that comes from as far away as Mexico. It has been known since ancient times, mainly due to its aphrodisiac influences. Although this fruit contains a relatively high amount of fat, it benefits the whole body, and you do not have to worry that your regular weight will increase radically if you eat it regularly.

Why is that so? Fats are of plant origin and are not as dangerous as those of animals, which are very fond of storing on our body’s riskiest parts. Avocado and banana is also important for men’s love life or you can try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 to improve men’s physical health.

Rich in vitamins and trace elements

It is not for zero that they say what is green is also very healthy. The same is true for avocados. If you are looking for fruit rich in trace elements and vitamins, you have just found it. banana and Avocado have rich reserves, especially potassium (up to 60% more than bananas), magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Of the vitamins, we can mention especially vitamin C, B6, as well as other vitamins gr ins B. Based on these substances, its consumption is recommended, especially for pregnant mothers and young adolescent children.

Substitute for fatty cheese and butter

Precisely because avocado contains a lot of fat, it is an excellent healthy substitute for fatty cheese and butter. However, do not look for cholesterol in it. This is a radically more beneficial replacement that is worth a try. How do you proceed? It is simple. Cut the avocado’s fruit, remove the stone, and then spread the ripe flesh on the bread, preferably whole grain or cereal. It’s a great treat. Try it.

If you are buying an avocado, pay attention to the appropriate quality of the fruit. Reach for a greener fruit rather than a soft one with black spots (avoid this type and do not consume this type). Avocados must be evenly soft before consumption. Store at room temperature, never refrigerated. As soon as you cut it, it is good to drip the pulp itself with lemon juice, which will prevent the pulp’s unsightly browning. It then leaves a lovely light green color.

For whom is avocado best?

If you have a higher cholesterol level, so be it for you. Precisely because banana and Avocado has zero cholesterol helps everyone who has a lot of it because it lowers its high level for happy life try Fildena 120 or vigora 100. It also supports the production of iron in the body. Last but not least, avocados improve the lives of diabetics and those with low blood circulation.

There are several options for consuming avocados. Avocado is most often used to prepare spreads, salads, or cold soups. Despite the fact that avocado is consumed mainly in a salty way, it is one of the miraculous fruits that can please not a single tongue. We wish you good taste when discovering a new taste thanks to this miraculous fruit from as far away as Mexico.

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