Advantages and uses of electric fence security system

electric fence security system
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Barbed wire and metal fencing without detectors and surveillance are not effective against intruders. Additionally, without manpower, these perimeters are very easy to breach. Moreover, there is no automation involved. Everything will need to be done manually.

You can get rid of all of such issues by utilizing electric fence security system. Moreover, electric fence works by imparting painful and non –lethal shock when intruders tires to breach the fence. Its working is much like the electric fences used around Jurassic Park. The one difference is those fences were lethal for humans.

Let’s take a detailed look at the components and working of this security system.

Components of electric fence security system

Entire fence system can be broadly categorized into two major components; the physical components and the electrical components. All the components of electric fence include:

  • A battery
  • Energizer
  • Wires or galvanizing wires
  • Insulators and post
  • Earth stakes
  • Backup generator

Advantage of electric fence security system

The electric fence has several advantages over standard fencing. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages.

Automated monitoring

Firstly, electrical fence automates the monitoring and control over the premises. One doesn’t need to be physically present to ensure the working of the fence.

Physical barrier

Secondly, the electric fence also provides physical barrier and perimeter to the area. Thus, there is no need to install another fence separately.

Psychological deterrent

Thirdly, electrical barriers also act on the psychology of the potential intruder.  Anyone will think twice after looking at the warning board of the electrified fence.

Cost-effective systems

Additionally, electric fences are cost-effective as they eliminate the need for manpower and human intervention to ensure security.

Crucial for the response time

The electric shock leaves the intruder disoriented for a few minutes. Thus, it creates enough time to act as a response to the threat.

Integration with sirens and alarms

The shocking mechanism also integrates with the sirens and alarms. Moreover, it notifies the authorities about the threat and also impacts the psychology of the intruder negatively.

Remote monitoring and control

Electrified fences also give remote control over the working of the fence. In addition to that, camera syncing also allows you to monitor the fence virtually.

Application of the electric fences

Electric fences have their application on a wide range of premises. Moreover, high-security areas and sensitive areas usually make use of electric fences. Some of its applications are:

  • Residential areas and domestic usage
  • Commercial purposes such as building and malls
  • Industrial electric fences
  • High-security electrical fencing for sensitive areas like prisons


Electric fence is one of the efficient ways to secure the perimeter. There are several benefits if you choose to install electric fencing. In addition to that, they also sync with other systems such as alarms and lightings.

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