9 daily habits which can lead you to obesity

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One of the most common issues these days is obesity. Every other person is a victim of obesity.
Are you obese? Check it out here Stats show that the US is the leading country facing this extreme issue of obesity. Well, obesity is becoming this common but that does not mean you should settle with it, when it comes to weighting and obesity, people get scared and the normal practices are
  • Either they don’t accept it that they are obese
  • Second, they get scared of it
  • They make a concept that there is no way back and eat more
All these approaches are wrong!
Let me tell you, how? And why you should avoid this? I am neither going to give you a whole chart of nutrients nor asking you to calculate your calories.obesity
But here is the list of simple daily life habits which 99.9% of people have. And it is the leading cause of obesity. By controlling a bit of them, you can control your body fat and the way you want to look!
Sounds good, isn’t it?
Follow me till the end of this post and you will learn all the basic things you need to know about obesity:

A Sleep deficiency:                                                                           Sleep keeps us fresh for upcoming life activities. Sleep deficiency can disturb your metabolism and can lead you to obesity. Lack of sleep can make you feel hungry even if your body doesn’t even need it. This is because sleep loss impacts the secretion of hormones that regulate hunger. You end up eating more and more when your stomach doesn’t have the wish to do so. This leads to obesity.

Eating while watching screen:  

A pack of chips can finish pretty earlier while watching TV. One doesn’t even realize how much he has eaten in this short time frame the leading cause of obesity these days. You should try to limit your screen time. Especially while eating. You can check the relation between eating while watching screens here.

Late-night treats:

Do you often feel hungry after dinner? And want to get an extra treat late-nights? No need to worry, you are not single on this road. A lot of people out there is craving it. But let me tell you a very simple trick. Replace it with a cup of warm water or some tea. It can give you an advantage to not gain weight. And say goodbye to obesity.

Bad drinking habits root cause of obesity:

Carbonated drinks can affect your body. And in today’s society, their use has increased. This is why every single person is a victim of obesity. Replacing beverages with water can improve your health in a long run. It saves you from extra calories that go inside your body for no reason. For more benefits, you can shift to fresh juices.

Starting the day with no breakfast: 

Skipping breakfast doesn’t even seem bad. Since it’s common now. But let’s make it uncommon and try taking your breakfast. Skip late-night snacks, and choose the healthiest option. Breakfast keeps you full for most all the day and you don’t feel the need to have those unhealthy snacks the entire day. And, you can defeat your obesity.
Eat-in portions:
If you are a fan of delicious food, divide your food into portions. Make a big plate with fewer carbs and more fiber or salads. Eat less, than if you feel hungry eat after some time. Also, drink more water, it doesn’t have side effects on your body. Changing these small habits can give you a benefit and you will not be obese. Give yourself a healthy diet. This is what you can control after all.
Fat-free and calorie-free: 
You can’t fool yourself by using those ‘healthy snacks’. They not even that healthy. Calories are still not best for you. So try having some fruits for healthy snacks. Or you can mix and match some chocolate with food and enjoy delicious snacks. Grab a list of ideas from here.
Usage of mayo: 
Mayonnaise can ruin your diet in no time. if you feel your sandwiches tasteless without it, try using low-fat.
Taking stress:

It is observed that there is a relationship between stress and obesity a long time ago. An increase in stress increases some hormones which increase your appetite. So it’s very important to control the levels of stress. An increase in stress is proportional to an increase in the waistline. To control stress levels, you can check out some exercises and yoga poses to relieve stress.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Strategies and tips to prevent obesity:

There is no simple solution to such a big issue i.e. obesity. So the whole of society should come up to work on this global issue. A recent report states the rate of obesity worldwide. Read it here.


Keep healthy snacks handy. Whenever you feel hungry, grab a few of them and you are good to go.

These little tips will help you in a long run and you will be healthier and not obese. You need to know the BMI of your body. And take your diet. It can help you fight obesity.

Community efforts for reducing the rate of obesity:

As a community, we should create an environment that can help to promote healthy eating habits. Humans are social animals, what we do affects people around us.

So, better creating an environment which can have a positive impact on society. Since obesity is a global problem now, it requires us to work. When it comes to diet, we should help each other out by adding mindfulness to our meals. It makes cooking fun and healthy.

In short, to combat obesity you have to start a healthy lifestyle. Visit your doctor, check out the weight you have, assess the BMI, select the weight you have to meet, get a healthy diet plan along with your physical activities, and stick to it.

                               LIVE HEALTHY!

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