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6 Home Remedies To Urge Obviate Open Pores On The Skin

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Various studies claim that 93% of all human communication is non-verbal. We, the humans, remember expressions, postures more than words spoken. Right? Mind captures expression on the face so instantly and makes perceptions about the person accordingly. So, when you talk about expressions and looks, skin plays an important role in appearance.

Here, looks do not imply handsome or beautiful in terms of the face. It simply means your overall feelings, approach, and expressing capabilities. No one likes acne, widened pores, blackheads, and oily skin and it is but obvious. Sometimes, widely open pores, especially those on the face, nose, and cheeks make you feel less confident about yourself.

Along with the discomfort of opened pores, fear of side effects of medical treatment keeps you confused all the time, and hence you start searching for home remedies causing no side effects on the face. So, you are on the right page, keep exploring, on the same page, we know what you are exactly searching for.

What are pores?

Pores are the whole and soul of your skin. Pores keep your skin alive. The quality of pores defines the quality of your skin. There are millions of pores on the upper layer of skin. It allows the skin to breathe. Every pore has a hair follicle, and it also contains sebaceous (oil) glands that secrete sebum oil.

These sebaceous glands are present in large numbers on the parts like nose, cheeks, and overall face. As hormonal changes start occurring, hormones stimulate secretion of sebum oil, and hence pores on the face are widened comparatively more. Lack of collagen, the protein, is also the reason for widened pores. Acne, oily skin, and pores offer a dull appearance and they need to be treated.

Effect of face masks on pores

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the rise of face masks, social distancing and, hand sanitizers as the protector of human beings. Particularly, face masks caused a few side effects for many individuals. One of the most notorious ones is ‘maskne’. Maskne is a made-up name for acne due to wearing masks for a long duration of time. Don’t worry, the ‘maskne’ can be easily avoided by a few tips and techniques.

Why does ‘maskne’ occur?

Sebaceous glands secrete sebum oil, which provides moisture and protection to the skin. Highly stimulated sebaceous glands secrete an excess of sebum oil. This results in blockage of pores, which then leads to bacterial growth, the main reason behind acne. Wearing a facemask for a long duration of time results in sweating. This sweat along with the friction due to the masks leads to blockage of pores. Sweat also directly influences and aids bacterial growth. This leads to ‘maskne’.

Tips and Techniques to avoid ‘maskne’

  • The first and foremost choice would be choosing the right face mask. Preferably, it should be 100% cotton.
  • Avoid touching your face mask and face.
  • Avoid eating food items that stimulate sebaceous glands. Mainly, spicy and oily food items.
  • Wash your face (twice a day) and face mask (once a day).

The myths about pores

Many skin product marketers claim that their product will help you in opening pores, but medical science and dermatologist claims that there is no such concept as opening or closing of pores on the skin. Pores are naturally open. It’s just a matter of shrinking and widening. When they say, the opening of pores it simply means cleansing of pores. Dust particles, debris, excess oil are stuck in pores. So the opening of pores implies the removal of all the toxins and dead skin cells.  So, replace the term opening of pores with the term clearing of pores.

Causes of ‘open’ pores

  • Exposure to Sun
  • Heredity
  • Improper diet
  • ‘Excessive’ use of cosmetics and makeup
  • Over secretion of sebum oil (due to overstimulation of sebaceous glands)
  • Lack of collagen
  • Less elastic skin

Why should you opt for home remedies?
Nature is the best healer. Nature has a remedy for every disease you go through. Natural and home remedies are not always useless or illogical. If you look closely at the history of countries like India, and China, they have preserved their ancient natural and home remedies. They are still in practice and are proven to be effective in every aspect.

Medications have side effects like overeating or oversleeping but there is no such issue with natural and home remedies. Home remedies when done with proper knowledge of various herbs available in nature heals your body thoroughly.

Home remedies to prevent ‘open’ pores

1) Aloe Vera

Why does it work?

Aloe Vera is a skin protectant. It keeps your skin hydrated. It nourishes your skin deeply and heals inner damages. The cleaning effects of aloe vera are so effective. It cleans the dust and toxins absorbed by the skin and brings a natural glow and cleans the pores. It also reduces the widening of pores.

What you need:

Aloe Vera gel

1) Peel out the outer cover of aloe vera and extract its gel if you are using natural aloe vera otherwise, you can directly use readymade aloe vera gel available in markets.
2) Apply aloe vera gel on the entire face gently.
3) Let the gel stay on your face for 15 minutes.
4) Rinse off with water after 15 minutes.
Tip:-For better results, apply aloe vera gel on your face before you sleep, and let it stay on your face the whole night.

2) Egg white mask

Why does it work?

Egg white is beneficial for your skin. It is very effective to tone your skin. It protects your face skin from UV rays. Firm and elastic skin are its effects. Removing dirt and toxins is its primary work. It shrinks pores very soon and gives the best results in lesser time. Not only pores but also dark heads can be removed.

What you need

1.Egg white
2.Lemon juice
3.Oatmeal (only if available)


  • Mix the egg white and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Add oatmeal (only if available).
  • Apply a thin layer of paste on the face evenly.
  • Let it stay on your face for half an hour.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.Tip:-Apply twice a week for better results.

3) Fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti)

The Chillness of Fuller’s earth is well known. It prevents the secretion of sebum oil and prevents the widening of pores.

What you need:
1.Fuller’s earth
2.Rosewater or Milk or Water

1) Make the homogeneous paste of fuller’s earth and rosewater or milk or water (whichever is available).
2) Apply a thin layer of paste on the entire face.
3) Let it dry totally and then rinse off with water.

Tip:-Apply twice a week for better results.

4) Baking soda

Why does it work?

All the toxins, dust particles absorbed by the skin are slightly acidic. Baking soda is basic and hence it helps to remove toxins and lightens skin.

What you need

1.Water (Preferably warm water to activate baking soda)
2.Baking Soda


  • Make a thick and even paste of baking soda and water.
  • Apply the thick paste on the entire face and massage it for 30 seconds.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Tip:-Use it twice a week for best results.

5) Fruit mash or pulp

Why does it work?

Fruits are full of amazing antioxidants. They regulate the secretion of oil and hence treats the issue of pores. The hydrating nature of fruits is beneficial to maintain the moisture of the skin.

What you need

The pulp of fresh and available fruits:



  • Mix the pulp of all the fruits.
  • Apply the pulp on your face while massaging.
  • Keep it for half an hour.
  • Rinse off with water.

6) Sugar Scrub

Why does it work?

Sugar is easily available in our houses. It removes impurities from polluted skin and cleanses widened pores. Removal of a dead skin cell is possible by using this home remedy.

What you need

1.Lemon juice
3.Brown Sugar

Tip:-Take ingredients in 1:1:1 proportion.

1) Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

2) Apply the paste gently on your face.

3) Keep it on your face for 15 minutes.

4) Rinse off with water.

More tips to prevent open pores


Use sunscreen during summer.

Wash face two times a day preferably use herbal face wash.

Don’t pomp pimples, it spreads bacteria over your face and hence damages the skin.

Eat healthy food. Include raw vegetables and fruits in your regular meal. Avoid eating spicy and oily food.


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