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In these overly polluted big cities, what bothers us the most when we step out is the pollution harming the quality of our hair and skin. With the added headache of using sanitizers to clean your hands daily, skin problems have reached a new high. If you are someone who has to leave the house daily, even in times like this pandemic, it is always very important to take good care of your skin.

None but you can do the needful to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, various kinds of bacteria, dust and pollution emerging from vehicles and factories and whatnot. If you don’t take serious steps to preserve the moisture and quality of your skin, it won’t retain the lustre in the long run and look dull and age before time. But hey, don’t worry about the methods you need to adopt to safeguard your skin, we will be guiding you through that path in the article below.

#10 Tips to have healthy skin

Drink water

One of the core issues behind our skin starting to lose its shine and glow before time is the lack of water concentration in our body. Often stuck between our super packed schedules, we forget to drink water periodically; resulting in dry and rough skin.

Most of the actresses, when asked about the secret of their glowing skin, tells the interviewer about the intake of gallons of water they take every day. Water replenishes dead cells inside your skin and gives the necessary moisture required by your skin cells. It is extremely important to keep hydrating yourself throughout the day so that not only your skin, your entire body (including your organs) is healthy and working properly.

Make sure you only drink filtered water and not from local taps or random places. Hygiene is another important aspect of one’s life.

Wear Sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen

If you are someone who steps out daily, your skin needs to be protected from all the harmful chemicals out there ready to destroy the glow on your face. Sunscreen is that shield which not only protects you from harmful UV rays, it also acts as a barrier to the pollutants released by vehicles.

With the rise in cases of skin cancer, people are expected to be more careful and cautious about their skin. It takes less than two minutes to apply the mask on your face. If you are planning to buy one, buy a sunscreen of SPF 50 or above.

A sunscreen of SPF 30 will allow about 3 per cent of UV rays to clash with your skin. A sunscreen of SPF of 50 will allow only about 2 per cent of those rays through your skin. It might seem like a small difference in numbers until you realize that the SPF 30 is allowing 50 per cent more of UV radiation onto your skin.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Goes without saying, a healthy diet is the most crucial part of maintaining healthy skin. If you are not eating properly, not taking fresh fruits, water, dried fruits, leafy vegetables in the required amount, your skin will tend to lose moisture and form wrinkles at an early age.

To get glowing pimple-free skin it is very important to take sufficient amounts of fruit and include leafy vegetables and less oil in your diet. It will not help you entirely if you keep applying products on your skin from outside, for example, if a plant does not get proper sunlight and water in its roots, it will not grow. Similarly, if the roots of your skin are not getting proper nutrition, products supplied from outside will not help heal the damage.

However, try to avoid oily and spicy food (including street food) to prevent the advent of pimples on your face. Spicy ingredients can trigger the growth of pimples in an otherwise pimple-free skin. Be cautious with what you eat. Include food like cucumber, tomatoes, fruits and juice in your everyday diet.

It is advised for healthy skin to at least have one bowl of fresh fruits, a glass of milk and fresh vegetables every day.

Take your Vitamins

Take your Vitamins

If your diet doesn’t include essential vitamins, you might incur skin problems. People have complained of dark spots lurking on their skin due to the absence of vitamin D, some complaint of losing their shine and lustre due to deficiency of vitamin C. To maintain the level of vitamin D, one must expose their skin to sunlight.

While sunlight (UV rays) can prove to be harmful sometimes, it is equally required by your body. Too much of something is however not recommended. For vitamin C, you can always include citric fruits in your diet to stimulate the production of vitamin C in your system.

Fruits like orange, lemon, grapes etc. are rich in vitamin C. Keep a tab on your vitamins if you wish to stay safe from uninvited skin diseases.


If we have not already emphasized enough, moisturizing your skin is the key task to avoid rough, scaly and dead skin. People with dry skin should take note that due to our skin constantly getting exposed to the harsh climate outside, it tends to lose its natural moisture. In such a case, it appears covered with a thin white powdery mass, in worse condition, skin cracks.

To avoid such abominable situations, it is advised that you moisturise your body daily, no matter what the weather is. If possible, moisturise all the exposed skin there is. If not, make sure to properly moisturise your hands, feet and face. For people with normal skin texture, winter is the season when you need to take extra care of your skin.

Moisturise your skin before going to bed because it is during the night when your body loses most of its moisture.

Use the right face wash

It is very important to know and understand the demands of your skin to use the right kind of face wash to cleanse off the dirt. DO NOT use soap or any kind of harsh sulphate-rich face wash on your face. There are separate face washes for different skins.

Make sure you choose the right one. It will not only de-moisturise your skin, but it might also result in rough and rugged permanent texture. Use a mild face wash at night to cleanse off the dirt and oil which settled during the day. If you want to remove make-up, use coconut oil or make-up cleansers from renowned brands to get rid of the chemicals. Always remember to get rid of your make-up before going to bed.

Wash your face squeaky clean before you hit the bed. You don’t want chemicals or dirt loitering on your face while you are having a good night’s sleep!

Stay away from Chemicals

To all the men and women out there, while it looks classy to put makeup and flaunt your artistic skills, it is equally important to keep your skin healthy and glowing at the same time. For that, you need to use the right kind of brand for your face and if you feel a certain kind of makeup is not suiting your skin type, you should immediately boycott the product.

Also, it happens so often that people are lured into getting Spa or chemical treatment done on their face to improve the quality of their skin or lighten their complexion, some even go to the extent of surgeries to better their skin quality and get a desirable face. DO NOT EVER indulge in any such activity no matter what opinions are thrown at you. Unless a doctor prescribes to bring a certain change, do not modify yourself at the expense of losing your beauty forever.

Know that you are enough for yourself and that skin of yours only needs the right kind of pampering.

Sanitation and Hygiene

The most important factor determining the health of your skin is your hygiene and sanitation. It is very important to keep yourself in a surrounding which is clean and washed regularly, for example, the bedsheets you use, the pillow you sleep upon, the clothes you wear and shoes you wear daily, shampooing and bathing daily unless it’s chilly outside or you are unwell.

Wash your face twice daily with clean water (especially when you return from outside). Do not forget to take off all of your make-up before going to bed. Your house, precisely your room, should be cleaned every three or four days.  Outside the house, when you are moving in public places, make sure not to lean on windows in public transports or touch any surface casually. Make sure not to use public washrooms unless it’s an emergency.

And in times like this pandemic, use hand sanitizer religiously when you are moving in public places and make sure you are wearing your masks, in case you wear spectacles, then make sure to prevent your glasses from steaming and fogging for a clearer vision.

Go for regular check-ups

It happens so often to the best of us that some kind of skin problem, itching or redness or mere rash is ignored. We are so contained within our hectic work schedule that we forget to pay attention to our basic needs, that is the requirement of our body. It is advised to one and all to go for regular health check-ups to a renowned doctor.

Dermatology check-ups are very important considering the rate at which skin cancer or even other skin diseases has started to skyrocket due to the rise in pollution and the harmful effects of global warming. We do not want any unnecessary disease to linger on the surface of our skin, even if it is a small rash or irritation, go and get yourself diagnosed. Take time out from your routine and assign those hours to body care.

You never know what might lead to what. It is always advised to be extra cautious when it comes to your health.

Follow a healthy routine

This might sound surprising to you but the earlier you rise and get started for your day, the higher the chances are of keeping your skin healthy. Try to understand that if you wake up early in the morning and start your life in an organised manner your metabolism eventually starts earlier, thus preventing your skin from ageing fast, fewer chances of getting dark circles or unwanted pimples.

As soon as your metabolism begins, it gives fat a lesser chance to settle in your body, thus, preventing you from the invasion of pimples on your face or body. Dermatologists suggest that people who rise early face lesser health-related problems than the ones who stick to the comfort of their bed way too much, on an average. Rising early in the morning and having a scheduled life not only blesses you with a healthy body and bright mind, but it also adds a lot of time to your crammed schedules.

An extra tip for soft and healthy skin: Have a glass of warm water before going to bed and after rising. This triggers all your skin cells to start working immediately and balances the loss of moisture while sleeping.

Don’t forget to adopt all of these healthy habits to rejuvenate your skin! Above all, remember that you are beautiful the way you are. You are not required to change or modify yourself as per the beauty standards laid out by our society. As long as your health is intact and you are content with the way you look, you do not need to alter yourself to match with anyone’s opinion. A healthy and stress-free mind is as important as healthy skin. Drink water, stay healthy and oh, definitely try and stay indoors!

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